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My name is Cesar.

I just hope this body can survive

The dangerous yearnings of my soul.

Ask Me

To be truly happy?
The question of the soul who wants more,
Because these earthly things
They rust, dull, disappear,
And what beauty lies
In the cycle of
Restoration and destruction
Such mundane things.

The beauty lies within us
For we were granted a magic touch
To bless these things
Of every color imaginable,
Or no color at all,
With a purpose.
And with purpose,
There is indisputable beauty.
Is that not why we seek it?

Purposes, purposes,
What does that mean?
Perhaps it may be left in the vague,
A simple notion that these things,
As well as us,
Were meant to do something great.
And perchance, 
Someone had blessed all we see
With a purpose before we came to be.

If we’re meant for something,
Does that not mean everything 
Was intended for greatness
By someone?
Well when you find that certainty,
That there exists One who planned
Something more than you’ve yet to fathom,
That these fruits and these animals,
This air, these waters,
Were meant to suffice for your body,
But this craving of your soul,
The wanderlust of the unknown,
Of that phenomenon called
True happiness,
Lies in a blessing that unfolds daily
For us,
By Him.

What is true happiness?
To me, and perhaps to few others,
Is the refuge I can find in His promise,
That there is something grand intended for me,
And with no doubt in my faith,
I can grasp what true happiness feels like.

Posted 29 Aug

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

the colors, gah.

Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.
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I think this post just changed my life

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Posted 19 Aug